From the start, we’ve believed a Diyalo school should be more than just a building. It’s the start of a transformative educational experience that includes inspired infrastructure, a proper learning environment, and 21st century technology. It’s a spark that creates a sustainable partnership with communities and unlocks the potential of generations to come. Join us as we build hope, joy, community and a brighter future for Nepal.

We are creating opportunity for hundreds of new children in Nepal without a quality education. Help us build a our new school for 200 students with a 100% matched donation today.

100% of online donations contribute to programs educating children in Nepal.

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Just $75, provides education to one students for a year

All children deserve the joy of learning

Quality School Architecture

80% of the communities we visit lack basic school infrastructure.

Diyalo builds schools that ensure our students have access to an environment optimized for learning—a classroom where they can thrive, explore the world, and be safe from unpredictable weather conditions.

Inspired Pedagogy

Learning isn’t meant to be based on rote memorization. We’re focused on improving the learning experience for children inside our classrooms. By training our teachers in contemporary pedagogy tailored to rural Nepal and hiring teachers who energize our classrooms with engaging, thoughtful lessons, we’re able to create a classroom environment where Diyalo students can flourish. Learn more.

Technology in the Classroom

In the 21st century, students require a technology education. That’s why Diyalo has launched TECH (Technology, Entrepreneurship & Computer-Hardware), a program which prepares our rural students to compete in the global marketplace, right from their villages. With access to the internet through basic computer-hardware, older students learn how to launch mini-companies by building real small and micro-enterprises.

The underlying purpose is to teach youngsters entrepreneurship through the experience of creating, organising and managing a business. This experiential approach gives students the opportunity to play the entrepreneurial role, learn how to leverage technology for business and research, and analyse situations creatively to bring change home in their everyday lives.

You are changing the lives of students like Shanta, in Sewalung, Nepal:

Meet Shanta. She’s 10 years old, and she’s already dreaming of becoming a nurse one day. Thanks to her dedicated teachers, Shanta attends school every day excited to learn—and ready to dream.

Shanta is a fifth grade student at the Sewalung school in the Sankhuwasabha District of Nepal, a school that benefits from both Diyalo Education and Diyalo Agriculture support.

Today, Shanta no longer has to worry about having a clean and safe space to learn in or food to eat for lunch. Shanta and her peers are equipped with these necessities.

Shanta's education isn’t limited to the classroom. With computers being implemented on-site, Shanta will have access to over 100 books in her local language putting the power of literacy—and her own future—at her finger tips.

This is a quality education.

Together we can bring quality education to even more kids around the world:

We've built one school with your help. Now, we are gearing up to build our second, a huge milestone for the Diyalo Foundation.

We believe that a day will come in our lifetimes when every single child will have access to a quality education. Until then, each book, each dollar, each supporter is essential.

According to the Ministry of Education, Nepal needs 250,000 classrooms equaling 30,000 schools.

We've built one school and are now building our a second to impact 200 more students.

Together, we can bring quality education to even more kids in Nepal. We believe that a day will come in our lifetimes when every single child will have access to a quality education. Until then, each book, each dollar, each supporter is essential.

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