Progress since 2014

Bricks laid - 2170

Most organizations focus on quantity. We focus on quality.

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1. Teach every child attending Diyalo Schools to read, write and count by enforcing quality education from kindergarten through grade 8.

2. Establish a self-sustaining rural education system in collaboration with the Nepalese government.

3. Build proper schooling infrastructure in Nepal.

Our Approach

Identify Partner Communities

We work with communities who are deeply committed to their children’s education.

Collaboration Of Thirds

We build school infrastructure in a 1/3rd collaboration model. Resources are provided equally from the Diyalo Foundation, local district education administration, and community.

Handback To Community

At the end of the agreement with the government (usually 10 years), schools are handed back to their respective communities. Diyalo ensures continued guidance in transition of leadership roles.

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