Meet the Teachers:

Jun 01, 2017

Aditi Adhikari

Education  Field

The Diyalo Foundation’s first school is off to a great start in Jaljala, Sankhuwasabha. We have a total of six teachers who teach Early Childhood Development (ECD) through grade 5. We have 62 students, bringing the student-teacher ratio up to 10:1. The students are comfortable around their teachers, and teachers are willing to learn and to experiment with new ways of teaching and learning. This year teachers had a 92% rate of attendance.
All the teachers teach a variety of different subjects across the grade levels, except Sarita Adhikari Bhandari, who covers the preschool kids for our ECD curriculum. She spends a lot of her time conversing with the kids in a group setting, helping them develop their communication skills naturally. Moreover, Sarita allows the preschool kids the space to learn through exploration, nurturing their individual interests and encouraging them to pursue them. 
Kedar Bhandari is the Principal of the school. During a recent trip to the school, I visited his math class. The subject was addition. “It’s when we add with stones,” one child said. With almost decades of experience teaching, Kedar Sir understands that children in the concrete operational stage learn better when they can see, touch, and do things, learning by doing, as opposed to just memorization.
Bedmaya Lin Khe Pa takes her students outside to learn whenever she can, because it is warm, and because it means that children can stretch their limbs. She finds that the students actually focus better outside immersed in nature. This way, she can easily draw on the surrounding environment and then engage students with concrete examples.
Man Bahadur Karki is a quiet teacher who is well-liked by his students. He can teach math in a way that makes big numbers look friendly. The students at Sewalung are very quick at mathematics, thanks to Man Bahadur Sir’s patient but ambitious math classes in grades 2 and 3.
Biraj Neupane is a dynamic teacher who encourages every child to reach his or her potential. During my first visit, some of the first-grade kids said they didn’t know how to write some English letters. “That’s okay,” Biraj sir said to them “I will teach you. And you can also learn from your friends.” 

The newest member of the teaching team is Bhim Bhandari(not pictured), who joined the school last November. This is Bhim’s first teaching job, but he is very excited to work with the Sewalung team and is enthusiastic to learn and engage with new skill from Diyalo’s unique pedagogy.