A Visit to The Sewalung School: What We’ve Built Together

May 12, 2017

Diyalo Foundation

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After one full year of classes at the Sewalung School, it’s now time to begin our monitoring and evaluation process to see how we can improve. Here are some quick updates from my trip to the school in March with Education Manager, Aditi Adhikari. For a full field report see the most recent Global Giving Field Report.
At the outset of our visit, we called a “town hall” meeting to discuss the progress of the project in an open dialogue with the school and community members. The conversation was overwhelmingly positive; however, there is still much to be done. Some things that are going well:

      • There are 62 children in school with six teachers — a ten-to-one student-teacher ratio. 
      • Classes are held daily with regular student attendance and 92% teacher attendance. 
      • Meetings with children’s parents are held regularly to encourage attendance. 

However, the nearest school and nearby bathroom were destroyed by the earthquake in 2015. The community and teachers identified two immediate needs: 

      • Four more classrooms to accommodate incoming students from the surrounding area 
      • Running water for a new bathroom 

We also attended classes, spoke with teachers and students individually, and made a plan with community members entailing what needs to happen next. Most of the students at the school live in poverty. The vast majority of their parents are farmers. That said, all of the students I spoke to were thrilled to be in school and hungry to learn.
The atmosphere in the classroom was relaxed and the students were deeply engaged in learning. There was clearly a sense of mutual respect between the teachers and students. While teaching was focused and somewhat strenuous, all of the children were in high spirits. 

For more information on our pedagogy, see the article, “The State of Teaching and Learning” written by our Education Manager, Aditi Adhikari, below. Our progress thus far would not have been possible without your continued support. Thank you. Together we are changing the world, one mind at a time.