Growing Pains: Trying for Grants

Apr 25, 2017

Jan Wall

Education  Fundraising

Our fundraising efforts have now expanded to include large-scale grant writing! As we look to grow Diyalo and provide our communities in Nepal with more funding and support, our team has begun to develop content and strategies to secure grant funding to meet our goals. Under Adam’s leadership for fundraising efforts, we have started to build the framework for our grant writing endeavors, including a comprehensive business plan outlining Diyalo’s plans for education, agriculture, and energy in Nepal. We have also established a small team of dedicated and talented volunteers to assist in these efforts. Their experience and perseverance will be crucial for Diyalo’s future success in winning grants.

Grants are important sources of funding for any non-profit organization. While we still rely on the generous donations of our donors (you), diversifying our fundraising plans allow us to access new financial resources. Billions of dollars are awarded each year to non-profits and individuals through foundations and corporations that establish grant funds to aid specific projects or organization types. Often, these grants have particular qualifications that an organization must meet to qualify for a grant, whether that be the organization’s overall mission, the geographic region or demographic that the organization intends to aid, or even how the organization intends to use the funding. The tight focus of grant requirements means that identifying those grants which are most closely aligned with Diyalo and its mission is imperative to win grants.

We are preparing to apply for grants by writing a comprehensive, detailed business plan. This business plan outlines the three main pillars of Diyalo’s mission: education, agriculture, and energy. Within these three pillars, the plan elaborates on Diyalo’s initiatives and the benefits of those initiatives to our partner communities. The business plan will serve as a repository of information that will be referenced when applying for grants. We are almost finished writing this business plan.

I am also excited to share with you all the progress that our volunteer team has made already. Our team has identified over 30 grants applicable to Diyalo and its mission. These grants focus on everything from community centered development, sustainable agricultural development in the Nepal region, and initiatives in education or energy based on the latest thinking in those disciplines. Our initial grant applications will focus on expanding our current educational efforts in Nepal. Combined with our other fundraising efforts, we intend to raise enough money to continue supporting our existing programs and to start building more schools throughout rural Nepal. Future grant applications will also explore funding for agricultural co-op development and energy infrastructure to bring reliable energy to underserved regions.