August 2017: Photographs from the Field

Aug 25, 2017

Adam Rouhana

Field  Education  Agriculture

This summer has been eventful for Diyalo as we continue to learn from our partner community in Sewalung. 

This month, Co-Founder Surya Karki, Education Director Aditi Adhikari, and our two rockstar interns from Wellesley College, Tanisha Rayamajhi and Katie Hoeflinger, visited Sewalung. 

There, they built classroom bookshelves and filled them with books, conducted evaluations, teacher trainings, and worked with parents to ensure quality education continues at home. Below are some photographs taken by Tanisha and Katie on the trip.

 Thank you for your ongoing support. We could not do this work without your continued backing. Together we are teaching the unreached and making the world a better place.