New Construction in Sewalung

May 11, 2018

Adam Rouhana

Education  Agriculture  Architecture  Construction  Field  Fundraising

We have some exciting news: 

First, GlobalGiving has awarded Diyalo a $10,000 grant to execute this project. These funds have been earmarked for construction. Thank you, GlobalGiving, for supporting our efforts to implement earthquake-resilient schools in Nepal. Your generous contribution is core to our success and will amplify our impact. 

Second, there has been a change in scheduling. To better serve our community during the upcoming expansion, we're going to be implementing the latest and greatest Diyalo Architecture.

Therefore, the Diyalo team is in Nepal over the next two weeks to conduct a participatory design sesssion with project stakeholders. Our objective is to engage community members for feedback on our design and directly integrate their ideas into our plans before construction. 

Implications of this change:
1.  Sewalung will be receiving the best earthquake-resilient technology we have to offer 
2. Construction will take place in October to allow time to integrate our community's feedback into the new design 
3. Thanks to a second grant from the International Foundation for $11,000, Sewalung will also be receiving a full fledged Herbs for Change Cooperative, which will provide an outdoor learning space for students, contribute to the livlihoods of community members, and improve the sustainability of the school 

The construction will establish:

• Four new classrooms, comprising two new standalone school buildings
• Two new bathrooms 
• A library
• An Herbs for Change agricultural learning cooperative 
• A playground 
• Landscaping The new facilities will ensure our students are learning in a safe, clean, and enriched learning environment. We have been carefully tracking learning outcomes of each of our students and are pleased to report that our students are making steady progress as measured against the Nepali national averages.

Once the participatory design session is complete, we will send updates with the community's revisions and photographs of the agora. Thank you for your ongoing support and shared belief that together we can make the world a better place. You are the reason we are able to provide life-changing primary education to children in Nepal.