Welcome Diyalo Foundation Netherlands to the Diyalo Family

Apr 09, 2018

Diyalo Foundation

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We are proud to share that we have recently established an EU- based fundraising body in the Netherlands - Diyalo Foundation Netherlands.

The Diyalo Foundation Netherlands (DFNL) is an independently registered foundation that works under the global strategy set by the Diyalo Foundation. DFNL is licensed by Diyalo Foundation to use the Diyalo Foundation name within the Netherlands. DFNL operates in accordance with the legal framework of the Netherlands, is included in the annual budget and accounts of Diyalo Foundation (International), and is subject to annual independent external financial auditing reviews in accordance with local regulations.
Like its American overseer, the Dutch foundation focuses on improving education and agriculture in Nepal. One of the distinguishing characteristics of the Dutch foundation, however, is its emphasis on recruiting young volunteers to work in Nepal. These volunteers will tackle their assignments with the dual goals of providing substantive assistance to Diyalo Communities and, at the same time, improve their own sense of self-awareness.

The student volunteers will provide assistance in two areas: First, they will help build or improve infrastructure for schools. Second, they will work to improve the quality of pedagogy in line with Diyalo’s pedagogical objectives. The organizers will also encourage students to pursue their own interests. For example, they could subsidize the purchase of laptops, donate them to the schools, and teach the Nepalese students and teachers to use them. 

DFNL will be sending its first group of volunteers to Nepal in March. In June, DFNL will host a fundraising Gala to benefit Diyalo in Amsterdam. If you are interesting in attending, please email gala@diyalofoundation.org for more information. 

Please join us in welcoming Diyalo Foundation Netherlands to the Diyalo family!

Visit Diyalo NL at www.DiyaloFoundationNL.org