Pedagogy & Architecture: Our Vision to Transform Primary Education in Nepal, Forever

Feb 09, 2018

Adam Rouhana

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Since building our first school, Team Diyalo has learned a lot about the state of primary education in rural Nepal — and about what needs to be fixed. Over the past eight months, we have been working tirelessly to formulate a solution to improve the condition of primary education in Nepal. National primary education in rural Nepal is among the worst in the world. Students are taught by rote memorization. Most children in the fourth grade are unable to perform addition with numbers greater than one digit. Fewer than 10% of students who enter the first grade finish the 10th grade and take the school-leaving exams on time. 

To change this, Diyalo has developed a holistic model of rural education that vertically integrates a contemporary pedagogy adapted specifically for Nepal within a scalable, low-cost, earthquake-resilient primary school infrastructure to provide free education to Nepal’s 23M rural population. We believe this unique synthesis of intentional, Nepali designed pedagogy and modular, earthquake-resistant architecture is a model that will transform primary education in Nepal. 
The truth is that we, the Diyalo Foundation, could not have done this alone. You, our supporters, together with our partner communities on the ground in Nepal have created this. Read more details here on our blog.